Feature: Working Drummer Podcast



With the exception of a few high school years, Justin Boyd has spent his entire life in Chicago. From the beginning of his career, he thought it important to be open to all of Chicago’s musical scenes instead of choosing one and staying in it. As a result, his experience there has been incredibly diverse. He disregarded the invisible barrier between North Side and South Side, and has managed to float smoothly between the many different genres and circles the city has to offer. He also put himself through two different educations – one in the professional world and one in academia, capped off recently by earning his master’s degree in composition from DePaul University.

In this podcast, Justin talks about:

Spending his high school years in South Carolina, and the influence it had on him as a musician

Returning to school to get his master’s degree

Racial dynamics in Chicago

Other Chicago drummers who have influenced him

How going back to school for his master’s filled some gaps in his “real world” education

The city’s jazz and blues scenes, and why he prefers not to go all in on either

His role as an educator in the Chicago Public Schools “All City” music program

His current projects, both as a leader and sideman

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