Premiere: RAWS Chicago


RAWS is an intimate party held in a small club in Tokyo, where underground beat-heads unite. After a live performance by a jazz band which gets recorded, the beat-makers have an hour and a half to chop up the freshly recorded sample, flip it, and make a beat right there on the spot. 

RAWS:Chicago featuring: 

Junius Paul - Double bass, bass guitar
Justefan - Vibraphone
Justin Boyd - Drums 

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Featuring production by:

Ogiyy - 
Phraim - 
Radius - 
Raj Mahal - 

A cuerators x Grown Kids Radio production.creditsreleased 08 September 2015

All tracks were recorded and created live in Chicago at the Whistler with the exception of ‘Prejudice’. 

Mixed and mastered by Dave Vettraino
Photography by Victor Duarte

artist featureJustin Boyd